In Collaboration with 1.618 Sustainable Luxury we were given the promt to take catalogues and newspapers they gave us and make something new out of these materials.

    For my piece for the 1.618 project, I began by manipulating the paper in many different ways to find one that I responded to most. The simple rolling was what I thought was most enticing about the paper. I then proceeded by rolling each page of the magazine. The fact that the paper became so sturdy when stood upright juxtaposed with the lightness the rolls (when put into the frame) had when viewed from the front. The play of the light allowing the spectator to view only a selection of what was behind the piece was only then created when I put all the rolls into the frame. I tried to underscore the pastel colors with the neutral frame, The paper straws are held together solely by pressure, demonstrating again the fragility yet sturdiness of this piece.

    This piece was exhibited in the Gallery S. Bensimon in the Marais district in Paris, France