Conch Lamp

  • Fiber optic effect through acrylic  rods
    /MATERIAL STUDIES\___________________________________________
    Prior to building a final lamp, I performed a series of studies involving wood, holes, plexiglass, and circular forms.
  • Testing angle of drill  and effect on curved surface
  • Experiments with depth, length, and angle of plexifglass rods
  • I used choragated plastic to test how the direction of holes can make a light move around a cylindrical form.
  • I  tried inverse turning a cavity for the  bulb, but found it to be too small.
  • Foam sketch model of form
    The majority of this lamp was turned on a wood lathe and required advanced setup techniques. 
  • Top  piece interior ( pre acrylic)
  • Bottom piece interior
  • A simple rope pattern connected the top and botom pieces
  • The intended use of this lamp is outdoors. in a social, but intimate environment.