Concealing & Revealing One's Identity

    A 4 week long workshop that focuses on the use of Rhino & Mesh Mixer
  • *work in progress*
    This project encompasses a mixture between 2D surfaces, patterns, and 3D objects that are a manifestation of my inner emotions towards my mother as it interlaces with my Arab identity.

    The final form aims to raise questions about the extent in which you choose to reveal or conceal about your identity.  Using Arabic words related to my mother speaks about my tight relationship with her but its abstract form represents this idea of being too personal to expose to the public.  
     My work doesn't have to clearly state my identity origins, to me, my work is a reaction and a response to various elements of my identity- despite how much I choose to reveal or conceal about it.

  • A snapshot of the final piece
    The images above are screenshots of zoomed in parts & documentation of the process that took place during the making of this project.