Somatic Morphing

  • The host building consists of multiple layers of additions. Each intervention was built with different materials, giving the building a chaotic interior. The aim of the project was to convert this mess into a tranquil and serene meditation space.
  • Existing Building Conditions
  • Instead of completely reshaping the building, I aimed to create a balance between the glorification of change and the admiration of the existing. The idea was to use the materials that were of the same body (somatic) but morphing them into new forms.This was achieved by disassembling and rearranging structural elements and surface materials.
  • Somatic Morphing
  • 1. Entrance (Open Space)
    2. The Room of Framed Sky
    3. The Room of Leaking Light
    4. Sloped Terrace
    5. The Room of Dripping Light
    6. The Room of Isolation
  • Plan
  • 1. Entrance
  • Entrance Transformations
  • 2. The Room of the Framed Sky
  • 3. The Room of Leaking Sky
  • The Room of Leaking Sky Transformations
  • 4. Sloped Terrace
  • Sloped Terrace Transformation