JIVE - board game strengthening community relations.

  • Jive is a board game designed to strengthen community bonds within shelters. 

    I met up with Brandy from Mathewson Street United Methodist Church who stated that she didn't always wish to work all day to return back and just sleep in the shelters, rather once in a while she prefers to participate in a fun activity. Dave also talked about how support groups had helped him overcome his addiction. Realising the need for a community-based activity, I went on with making a board game that would strike conversations about social and technical skills.  

    I went with the name JIVE which is an amalgamation of join and thrive. The game is more of a collaborative effort than a competitive one, and it enables players to share important pieces of their lives with each other. 
  • Moodboard, typeface, tagline, color platte and logo exploration. 
  • The pamphlet/rulebook for the game.
  • Player cards. 
  • Front and back packaging cover.