• Fantasize
    plastic sheet
    _ group project
    _ location: Seoul National University Woosuk Hall

  • Sometimes we space out and daydream. We console ourselves by imposing unreal imagination on our reality. The seemingly unreachable fantasy and the images we have about dreams are represented via lighting and thin plastic sheets. The exhibition consists of a long, opaque passage that connects the entrance and the two spaces divided by the large wall made of transparent plastic sheets. Plastic sheets of both kinds−thin and semi-transparent, and thick and transparent−were used.
    Although wind makes plastic sheets ripple, it can’t pass through them. Although we can touch things behind the plastic sheets, we can’t reach them. We can see things through the transparent plastic sheets, even if they are not glass-clear. The scene behind the plastic sheets could, depending on their movement, ripple and get blurry. Everything seen and heard from behind the plastic sheets is hazy and distant.
    Thin, semi-transparent plastic sheets only allows the viewer to see something that’s very close. With many layers of them, only thing that one could see is a faint, blurry light. When the wind makes them ripple, they constantly make a rustling noise. They distract viewers from things that lie behind them.
    Past the long and narrow passage lies an open space with a shining sculpture made of thick, transparent plastic sheets, which fills the wall with its shadows. The floor is covered with cloud-like semi-transparent plastic sheets. The thick plastic sheets that cover the wall are tinted with light, which obscures the view behind them. The blue light, which fills the entire space, is pronounced.

  • Kyungah Sohn
    RISD MID 2020

    Arai Rika
    Seoul National University BFA 2015

    Haewook Jeong
    Städelschule Architecture Class, MFA 2019

    Hyungji Noh

    Jung Ha Young
    Seoul National University Doctor of Design 2020