Project Undefined

  • Project Undefined: World First Self-heated Ceramic Cooking System.
  • They were designed without a presupposed function. Electrical circuses are fired inside each ceramic vessel. When plugged into a power supply, the ceramic vessel emits intense heat that can be used for cooking. The user interacts with the vessel to explore his or her own way of cooking with it. And their creative way of using this vessel defines its meaning and functionality.
  • Materials, tools, and techniques are three pillars of making any good craft. Tools not only assist one in executing their craft but also, together with materials, inspire craftsman to develop new techniques. Same with cooking, Varied cooking tools have inspired generations of cooks around the world to prepare thousand distinct dishes with the most basic ingredients such as egg and flour.

    Project Undefined is a series of self-heated ceramic vessels with no presupposed function design. Those vessels arouse cooks’ curiosity and creativity. With each cook ’s own adaptation with those vessels, they become designers to each vessel by defining the function of it. Their own way of using those vessels will help them to discover a new method of preparing ingredients and lead them to countless innovative recipes.
  • If you are a creative chef that is interest in collaborating with me or trying out those vessels, please message me.