[bit-muri] Table Lamp

  • [bit-muri] Table Lamp
    brass and LED

  • [bit-muri] is a Korean term that means stream of light created when clouds meet sun or moon.
    The shape of the design is inspired by Korean traditional candle stick which used to have round or oblong shaped shade. I made the shape of the shade as a long compound surface to maximize the reflective effect and left the hammering marks in the inside for more unique and subtle reflection.

  • |  L: Idea sketches with a picture of Korean traditional candle stick   R: Experiments and making process
  • I tend to place emphasis on the profile of the design and prefer linear quality, so I created simple, fine lines with pipes. Also, I included some moveable parts so that users can adjust the direction of the light depending on their taste and the environment that the lamp will be in.

    If this lamp is mass-produced, the material would be changed from brass to brass plated steel, which will be firmer and cost-effective. Also, the way of connection between the pipe and the base of the lamp will be changed from soldering to mechanical joints-using a screw. Then, the base part can be disassembled, which directly affects the size of the package and price of the lamp.

  • Kyungah Sohn
    RISD MID 2020