• Communiscope

  • How the ways of communication and the quality of communication are related to each other? For what reasons people prefer certain ways of communication? What is the best way to reach out to you?
    This is a visual piece that represents each person’s digital communication preference and the reasoning behind these choices. This will allow people to understand each other’s preference at a glance, help connect people together through compromise and adjust to one another’s preference to narrow the gap between each other.

  • | L: questionnaire for the further interviews
    R: idea sketches
  • When people are not physically together, they communicate with each other through devices like phone call, e-mail and so on. Each person has their own preference for communication method and people have to negotiate about which device they are going to use for communicating.
    I conducted interviews about the reason behind people’s communication preference and I found out that sometimes people like the same communication methods because of totally different reasons and vice versa. Then, I realized that the first thing for us to do for clearer communication could be understanding the reason why people prefer certain communication devices.

    Therefore, I made a product that can help people communicate better. I think that understanding why a person prefer certain communication devices enables people to increase the quality of communication.
    I designed a kit with which people can make their own card that represents their communication preference and reasons behind it. People can convert it into an image and attach it to email, business card, social media and so on.

  • Kyungah Sohn
    RISD MID 2020