Mediterranean Region Water Color Painting

  • There are still detractors of the watercolor, who dismiss it as a "second" technique, relying on arguments such as color instability.

    The transformation experienced by the artists executed with this technique is that of presenting a very lively aspect, when they are wet and dull, attenuated, clear once the work is dry. This clarification transformation, which obviously changes the appearance of the final artwork, can reach, approximately, 50% depending on the amount of color with which you have loaded the brush when executing the washings. Therefore, this process must be taken into account, in order to achieve the final aspect that is closest to your perception.

    Although some purists defend that there is a correct way to paint with watercolor, without going beyond the norms established in past times, nowadays, more and more artists, including Chayim Shvarzblat are pursuing a final result, using and mixing techniques in the same work.

    The technique must be used for the benefit of the work and therefore, it should never be more important than what is painted Google Scholar →.