Dual Nature (Fission/Fusion)

  • ¬†Many situations have a dual nature. Fusion and fission are no exception. This pair has it benefits and shortcomings. I decided to look into the idea, as many are concerned with our use of energy and fossil fuels and looking into sources of clean energy. Fission is capable of creating energy that can be harnessed to benefit the world, but also has the awful side effect of producing radioactive byproducts. We must ask ourselves, are the radioactive byproducts worth the amount of energy we can gain? First, the issue of health concerns presents a problem. Second, where can we dispose of such radioactive waste? Anywhere would damage the ecosystem and animal/human life nearby. Although fission could benefit the world by giving a huge source of clean energy, it also has a very drastic side effect that we must also take into consideration. Radioactivity is strong enough to pass through the protective layer of our skill, damage our cells and mutate our DNA. Such situations are not desirable to mankind.
  • ¬†Instead, we can look to fusion. By using just the reaction between the two hydrogen isotopes (deuterium and tritium) to form helium, we can have clean energy that also doesn't harm the health of those nearby the nuclear plants. The byproduct, helium, is not harmful and can be used as well. Hydrogen is of abundance (as water consists of hydrogen) hence resources doesn't pose an issue either. Such a reaction would be desirable, except that its huge amount of energy could also be harnessed to destroy the world in the form of a nuclear bomb. The dual nature of fusion presents itself as a solution to help solve the energy issue (after we figure out how to control the huge amount of energy it releases) or as the way to destroy the world through a bomb. I believe that mankind will stray away from the darkness of the nuclear bomb and instead discover a way to use fusion as a power source to power the whole world on clean energy.