Fiction & Non-Fiction

  • Fiction & Non-Fiction
    Charcoal, ink, colour pencils, gouache
  • This collection of works is a dialogue on creating fiction and non-fiction based on our concepts and ideas of what the two are in relation to our understanding of the world around us. I focused on ceiling space as a point of departure to visually depict the spatial dynamics of fiction and non-fiction. 
    The non-fictional elements of a ceiling are obvious: it's a daily part of our lives, and we interact with it constantly, albeit indirectly. We utilize it and treat it as a physical space above us from which we can project artificial lighting and other behind-the-scene tools.
    Fictionally however, the ceiling is a very abstract setting. We are never physically in contact with it; the closest direct way we have of interacting with it - in common everyday life - is by visual communication and through indirect access. But more significantly, the ceiling is one of the most obvious encounters we come across which reflects a physical alternate world to ours. It has an abstractness which many of us unconsciously think about when dealing with what is fiction and non-fiction: the 'opposite' realm. The other side. The upside down world. The place that is a 180 degree flip of our world. The ceiling space is a potential alternate world for us to experience. Morevoer, it carries static energy. It entraps and encloses us, yet opens a different plane of reality to us. It is both a complicated system and a void of nothingness at the same time.
    This is what these drawings are about.
  • Fiction
    February 2013
  • Non-Fiction 1
    February 2013
  • Non-Fiction 2
    February 2013
  • Non-Fiction 3
    February 2013
  • Non-Fiction 4
    February 2013