"My tree at least you shall be"

  • ​​​​​​​Digital Embroidery | Beading | Sewing

    The metamorphosis of Daphne tells the story of Apollo, the god of music and poetry, in pursuit of the nymph Daphne. Fleeing from Apollo, Daphne begging for escape turned into the Laurel tree. Apollo, in loss of Daphne, exclaimed: "Since you can never be my bride, my tree at least you shall be!" (Ovid, Metamorphosis) As Apollo would crown himself and others in laurel as a symbol of triumph and eternity.

    This romantic story reflects the attitude often found in classical art and literature. "Men act and women appear" as said by John Berger in The Ways of Seeing. There is no doubt of the objectification embedded within this classical myth. The story is still beloved for its romanticism and beauty. Not to criticize the art and legend, but to bring awareness of the modern perspective on this ancient story using technologies and fashion.
  • Inspired by the Baroque sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, gloves tell the story of Daphne's transformation with digital embroidery and hand beading. How Baroque art plays with nature and drama is played off in the movement of the gloves and the floral embellishments. Multi-colored thread and beads brought iridescent gradient to mimic the process of transformation.
  • mood board
  • concept sketches
  • patterns and prototypes
  • ANDY YU 2019 Feb
    Modeled by Kanika Kumar