• People nowadays tend to more rely on having take-out food because their eating habit has changed due to their busy life. However, despite the fact that a number of take-out containers have been designed, packages for take-out burger meal are not really developed so far.
    Therefore, this package is designed to provide a more conve nient way of take-out for fast food industry as well as its  customers by designing handy carrier for take-out burger meal consisted of a burger, french-fries, and soda. 

    The carrier will reduce the volume by about 50% compared to that today because I tried to simplify the design and minimize the amount of paper used with a hook for French fries, a sleeve  for a burger, and a hole for soda drink, which causes people to carry it easier, and more materials saving. It is one-handed,  convenient, practical, and compact, so your hands can be more   free by holding all in one. 
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