reNature Pillow Design

  • A simple object, a simple function. But are you happy with yours?
    Meet the reNature Pillow!
  • As the result of our passive modern life style, spinal problem has rised to the #1 leading cause of disability for people under 50 years of age. Facing this increasing problem of spinal discomfort, we put tons of efforts in ergonomic seating and sleeping product design. In pillow design, synthetic foam injection molding and extrusion technology enabled us to design forms that give more wanted cervical support. But where to support and how much support is still a heated debate. 
    - there is a gap in the market for pillows that are suited for  both back-sleeping and side-sleeping
    - most cervical pillows in the market are supporting a head forward posture that we often find ourselves in in front of the computer. 
    - when people toss and turn at night, they often find their heads hanging off a thin corner of the pillow and wake up with neck pain.