• The ARK     2018.1

    This skyscraper is an imaginary city. It's designed as a shelter for humanity after pollution or war made it impossible for humans to survive on earth’s surface. It has residential zones, office spaces, factories, public entertainments, and life supporting systems. Humans can live inside one ARK for generations. 
  • The capitalists class, who are company managers and business owners, live high up; middle class, who still have jobs, live in the center; and the working class, who doesn’t work anymore and only live on government subsidies because most jobs are taken by robots, live at the bottom of the ARK. Due to pollutions on Earth’s surface, the lower in the ARK, the worse the living environment is. After decades, as a result, people who live in the upper ark are not allowed to go down too low in the ARK because their body can’t adjust to the pollution level. Although people are allowed to freely travel up the ARK, they must go back down after curfew.