Shopping Bags

  • In my previous work, 'The Necessities Collection', I created a series of oversized bags to carry the possessions that consume our daily lives. This idea is carried through in 'Shopping Bags', but is meant to interact and relate to us as consumers rather than the products and possessions themselves.
    'Shopping Bags' is an interactive, installation piece made of plastic shopping bags meant to provide a different perspective on consumerism. With such an impact on our lives, who is really being consumed, our products or us? In today’s society we surround and pride ourselves in products we want and like. This idea is represented by the pod-like structures constructed with a wire armature covered in woven plastic bags. The organic shape and earthy tones of the structure reclaims what consumerism is taking from the environment. When inside the structure, the viewer is instantly consumed by dangling bags on the inner wall provoking an overwhelming feeling. Overall, the center structure plastic walls, and weighted sandbags are not only organic, but resemble shopping bags. The overwhelming feeling captures the amount of products we consume and by placing ourselves inside the plastic bag structure, we become the object that is being consumed.