Red Lantern Plant

  • Weaving II Midterm
    I created a sculptural form representing the red lantern plant, and utilised the colours of the red lantern festival
  • "Red Lantern Plant"

    I stumbled across the red lantern plant in the summer of 2018, where the plant dies in order to create it's fruit it carries. The plant's exterior form during it's youth is incredibly waxy, green, and hard, but as it dies it turns into a bright red-orange shade and the texture of the plant becomes paper like. With that the plant symbolises life within death. 

    Relating to the infamous Chinese Red Lantern Festival, people celebrate their ancestors passing and coming by to protect, prosper the family. The berry inside the red lantern plant is thrown all across graves for ancestors to enjoy in the after life. I created a form that mimicked the unusual circular shape of the plant, and used paper to weave the sections that are more packed.