• Sophomore Weaving Final

    Desert cactus short lived lives of it blooming at night, and dying the next day
  • Progress
    The warp was shiny rayon with three different colours 
  • "The Bloom of a Short Lived Cactus"

    I was intrigued by the desert cactus species of them dying after blooming only once the next day. The cactus is a plant that waits till it blooms after growing for around two to three years to only bloom and die immediately. I found this spectrum to be fascinating, and conveyed this study through weaving.

    I used bright colours of yarn that I dyed to convey the incredibly vibrant and fruitful colours of the cactus flowers that scatter the desert around May-June. I wanted to capture the essence of the bloom rather than the death, and so I used different inlay techniques to create growth-like tapestry. I also used rayon for my warp to portray the lush growth of the flowers that reflected the sun rays on it's petals.