Junior Knitting Final

  • Junior Final Double Bed Knitting Piece 
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    Samples before making final
  • "Grandfather's Grave"

    I was inspired by a trip that I took during my rising Junior year summer, to my grandfather's grave. My grandfather's grave is a small patch of land that my family had bought since the 18th century. When my grandpa passed away, we buried him on this patch of land. The soil of the land was incredibly dense, scarce, and infertile; nothing could really grow on this land. I visited his grave eight years ago, where the land was still dry, barren, and hot. In a sheer miracle, when I visited his grave this year, chilli peppers started growing around the grave and the land was lush and green. It was almost as if my grandpa was trying to speak to me by the sudden spontaneous lushness and fertility the land around my grandfather's grave had sprouted. 

    I tried to convey this fragile land by using materials such as monofilament; a material that seem frail but is incredibly tough and strong. The monofilament allowed the piece to portray a fragile feeling, but when actually the garment is incredibly strong and sturdy when worn. The land is conveyed in an organic form to depict the overgrowth and fertility the land has now in contrast to what was barren before. 
  • Photographer: Melissa Nyquist
    Model: Morgan Watson