3D Model/Renders for F.P.Victoria & Son Furniture

  • Freelance renderings and 3D model of a custom furniture, for F.P. Victoria & Son Furniture, in Long Island City. The modeling was done from existing parts (modifications made in the computer) using string, tape etc. Final 3D computer models and renderings were done in Rhino and Vray.
    The finished 3D model is used for 5-Axis CNC fabrication.
    For more please visit: FPVictoria.com
  • Custom Round Bergere
  • Fabrication Process:
    Concept through Final Installation
  • 5-Axis CNC Fabrication complete - New Wave Woodworking, PA 
  • Detail of the Custom Rosette
  • The final piece ready for the client on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The upholstry is a custom tiger print velvet from Fortuny Fabrics. 
  • Custom Settee
  • R648 - Reclining Arm Chair
  • The final pieces (x2) upholstered and CNC milled from the Rhino Model
  • R608 - Louis XV Arm Chair
  • Final Rendering of R608 Arm Chair 
    Model and render completed in Rhino 4
  • Process Images from Rhino for R608 - Louix XV Arm Chair with modifications.
  • R127 - Oval Arm Chair 
  • Completed Render of R127
    Model and render completed in Vray and Rhino 4
  • More Process images from Rhino of R127 - Notice the detail on the back - at this phase the floral ornament remains (the blue areas).
  • R512 - Pair of Carved Side Tables
  • Shop Drawings for pair of Carved Tables
    Drawings completed in Rhino 4
  • Leg Detail Drawings for Custom Hand Carved Legs
    Drawings completed in Rhino 4
  • Completed Hand Carved Pair of Side Tables
  • Shop Drawings of a new pair of Bed Side Consoles
  • New Coffee Table
  • Shop Drawings for New Coffee Table
  • Rendering of the new coffee table
  • Kirk R801 - Shelving Unit