• Project [no:rm] _ Kyungah Sohn, Woojin Kim
    plywood and fabric

  • We constructed a playground for grownups. The exhibition consists of several modules in four varying sizes and two concept modelsa bunk bed and large table.

    Our notion of successful playground was a place that opens up to behaviors that grownups would not normally conduct, rather than suggesting specific ways of how to play. Children treats many things as their plaything, even when those were not initially designed so. A desk is such an example, under which children would crawl and play. A playground and plaything included everything ranging from a bunk bed to closet, as long as one could climb on and crawl into them. 

    We produced geometric shaped modules that people could climb on and enter but does not suggest specific ways of how to play. We wanted these modules to be conduits for behaviors that they would not normally conduct, rendering the whole experience joyful, like a play. 

  • Kyungah Sohn
    RISD MID 2020

    Woojin Kim
    Architecture Association School of Architecture's RIBA part1