the Raven

  • Thesis Collection inspired by the genus corvus  --- the Raven. 
    This collection has developed into a 10 look collection that includes Digital Print designs I created during Wintersession and continue to design through the final semester. I want this collection to convey the essance of the raven through silhouette and texture.  My color story is made of a variety of blacks with pop colors of green and a dark purple. I have included texture in the physical fabrics (distressed leather, snakeskin) and fabric manipulations (box pleats, rouching).
    I characterize my designs as minimal and elegant as I am pursuing a future in luxury womenswear.
  • the Raven
    (Adobe PS collage)
  • Collection Illustrations / Flats
  • Original Sketches / Flats
  • Digital Print Critique
    Research and Development process with images from Givenchy, Jil Sander, other designer collections that have used digital printed textiles. I focused on collecting images of crows that I took apart and abstracted from to create textures within the print design. I learned to apply the prints onto photos of garments, to gather a realistic view of how the print would look on a person.
  • short bristley feather texture on the wings and chest; extracted light refractions of a cut diamond; graphic collage of the pebbley texture on a crows claws; a feather repeat sliced to give an illusion of a pleated fabric; the pebbley texture of snakeskin
  • Application Sketch / Options of the Pleated Feather Digital Print
  • Application Sketch of Applique Leggings inspired by Raven claws