• In this project, student is asked to solve problems of a public space chosen by each student then pick a building site (built or proposed) that the student thought would accomodate the public space facilities.
    I choose Bandung International Airport because they only had one terminal and it couldn’t accomodate the recently opened international flights . The main problems were the terminal building was over crowded and didn’t reflect much of Bandung culture and tradition. I picked an architecture department student’s final project to be the building site for my project because his airport final project fitted my project needs.
  • The main concept for the airport is ‘moving forward along with tradition’ which means along the progress of technology without forgetting the culture and tradition. This concept reflects that the transportation is always on the moves and dynamic which translate to dynamic lines and shapes, the tradition itself is the culture and tradition of West Java that translate to decoration, material and shapes.
  • In the check-in area, most wall treatments and furniture use bamboo which been used widely for traditional furniture and building in West Java as covering. The accents use aluminum with laser-cut pattern of West Java’s Rereng batik. Green is chosen as accent color because it is believed by the Sundanese people to be the color of wealth in hope that the airport brings wealth to them.
  • In that semester, I was also asked to design an interior of a specific space inside the airport. The main feature of the lounge is the wall panel that made out of sheet metal. The wall panel has a traditional Sundanese bambo weaving that appear on the wall of the tradional house. 
  • Acknowledgement: Airport architectural design is made by Bayu Prayudhi. Interior modeling & rendering by Amanda Azzahra & Jodie Darmawan.