Growing Pains - Junior Thesis Short Film

    Moe, an introverted teenager with cancer, navigates adolescence after receiving a terminal diagnosis.
  • Written, Directed and Edited by Indy Dang
    Produced by Indy Dang & Liam Kerwin
    Cinematography by Neil Guliano
    Original Score by Alyssa Wixson and Indy Dang
    Starring Robert Capron, Marion Markham, George Vezina, Liam Kerwin, Sam Blustein and Isobel Connelly

    Official Selection: San Jose International Short Film Festival
  • Director's Statement:

    In November 2014, I was suddenly diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a life threatening autoimmune disorder that shuts down the production of white blood cells in your body. While it is not technically a cancer like leukemia, I was treated in a cancer ward. It was the most difficult year of my life. I was fortunate enough to find a bone marrow match in my brother, and I am now doing better than ever. But I felt that there was so much about this chapter in my life that had gone unexpressed. What is it like to be young and sick, and how does it change the way the people in your life view you? How does it change the way you view others? And what stays the same?
    “Growing Pains” is my Junior Thesis film. It combines aspects of my own transition from adolescence to adulthood with the struggles I faced with my own illness. It is a story I have wanted to tell for several years-- I hope you enjoy it!