The Diaper Helmet: Portrait of Lisa Nowak

  • The Diaper Helmet: Portrait of Lisa Nowak              
    This is a conceptual portrait of ex-NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak. Lisa Nowak was a naval flight officer and NASA astronaut. She flew aboard space shuttle Discovery in 2006 to operate the robotic arms of Discovery and International Space Station. 
    In 2007, she drove from Huston, Texas to Orlando, Florida to confront Colleen Shipman, who was romantically involved with astronaut William Oefelein, who was previously involved with Nowak. Nowak followed Shipman and pepper sprayed Shipman after she rolled down the car window. 
    Nowak was subsequently arrested on charges of attempted kidnapping, burglary with assault, and battery. Lisa was later portrayed by the media as “the diaper wearing astronaut” because on the early police report, she wore Maximum Absorbency Garments (aka astronaut diapers) while driving 900 miles from Huston to Orlando. 
    This Portrait was inspired by the NASA tradition of how every astronaut would hold their helmet when taking any official photo. The helmet is a symbol of identity as an astronaut. I made the helmet out of diaper and trash bags to symbolize how Lisa Nowak ruined her career that she was trying to build for her entire life with the decision made in an instant; and how the media or even general public now forever remember her by, the “Diaper Wearing Astronaut”.