• This project is a part of my ongoing investigation "nature vs man-made". It was a ground breaking moment for me when I realized that trees we see everyday actually have recursive function embeded in them. If one thinks the DNA of a tree as an equation or a mat problem, the solution depends on solutions to smaller instances of the same problem. Interestingly, once this concept of recursion is applied to digital realm, one is able to reproduce and code a "natural tree". 

    This project called Avatar Broccoli aims to resolve the threshold between natural and man made. By coding a recursive function consisting of various sizes of rectangles, I aimed to produce my own tree. The code I wrote basicly starts with a specific size of rectangle and this unit is repetitively and incrimantelly appears again and again in the same equation as the solution. Once a minimum size as boundry is set, each recursion is rotated in 3D space creating an organic bacteria like animation. I transfered a frozen moment of the equation to Rhino and reproduced it as an almost living creature: Avatar Broccoli. 

  • Snapshots from the animation
  • A recipe showing each unit size of rectangles and the way they interlock to each other.