FOCUSISM | The toolkit to combat digital addiction

    THE (self control) toolkit to combat DIGITAL addiction 
  • In this fictional scenario I imagine a world where addiction to machines has become so fierce that one must rely on self control tools to focus on tasks at work (in office spaces). This speculative fiction project imagines a possible future/dystopia where  self control toolkit, Focusism will be widely available to wean oneself off of screen-time and eventually become the only way people are able to focus on tasks. 

    There will be a high dependency on these tools which were initially designed to combat digital addiction, but might become our way of surviving this epidemic as it grows. I imagine a ritualistic world addicted to screens but also, hunting for simple scrappy solutions to escape them. 

    Here's a prototype of some of my artefacts in the toolkit for self control which helps one focus and practice a digital diet.