Gmail x Frying an Egg

  • Gmail x Frying an Egg
    An experimental design process of taking the experiences and gestures from an object before the digital age, and evolving them forward to create a new, innovative digital interaction. This redesigned Gmail mobile app borrows the experiences and gestures of frying an egg.
  • "Crack" to Delete
    Like two shells of an egg, use your two thumbs to pull apart and crack to delete an email.
  • Personalize with Colored Folders
    Inspired by the ability to season and personalize an egg to your own taste and the gesture of turning a stove dial, these new colored folders allow the user to organize emails into separate categories for work, school, home, etc. 

  • Un-replied Emails "Burn" and Self Delete
    Frying an egg requires constant watch or you will risk burning it. Stay on top of your emails with this "burn and delete" feature.
  • Accomplishments for Your Work
    You've just cook a tasty egg for yourself and now you get to eat and satisfy your hunger. Similarly, after an email is replied to, you'll receive a fun animation to reward and track your progress. 

  • Below are the analysis's of the experiences and gestures of frying an egg that led to the conception of the redesigned Gmail app.