Inokyo - autonomous store

  • For this project, I worked with 3 other designers - Tingxue (Tracy) Yu, Lingzi Zheng, and Nutthakit Liewpairat - to recreate an interface for a start up. We looked at Inokyo, a cashierless autonomous retail store, and we designed a new mobile app interface to better facilitate the autonomous shopping process.
  • To start shopping in the Inokyo store, customers present their QR code to a machine at the door. The cameras in the store can track their movements and see what the customers grab from the shelves.
  • We started with four different concept sketches:
  • The first one focuses on adding a "report problem" feature to help users navigate through this new type of shopping experience
  • the second sketch studies the most essential elements of the app. It does not have a menu bar, but automatically changes screens when users grab things off the shelves or walk out the store
  • the third sketch adds a map feature that locates the store
  • and the last sketch adds a "search item" feature that locates a specific grocery within a store
  • We then created a hi-fi prototype, which extracts and combines the unique features of the sketches. It contains a QR code that updates to a "shopping bag" as users put items in their bags in real time, a map page for the stores locations, a search functions that labels the location of a specific item, and a setting page.
  • You can view our interactive prototype here
  • ​​​​​​​
    In the end we did an eye tracking experiment with a user. The circles signal where the users was looking at, and the size increases as they stare for a longer time.
  • For Jeff Huang's CS130(0) User Interfaces and User Experience Class at Brown University