Form and Void

    18 x 18 x 2" Laser-etched anodized aluminum, oil paint

    A suburban fortification stands as a defensive posture turned impotent farce as the deepening void expands, swallowing fastidiously crosshatched lawns as neighborhood fiefdoms evaporate, folding themselves into the great obsidian mist of failed empires and dissolving petty demarcations. This is the view from outside the empire, and from the inside. It is the fear of looking forward, and the reckoning of the past. 

    This work is a continuation of my attempts to unravel the connections between place, identity, belonging, and being cast out. I address these ideas through collisions of archetypal symbolic form and abstracted imagery as the trace of destructive force, or the specter of the impending. There is thrill and terror in the moment before it all goes dark.