Snack Box

  • Snack Box
  • A container for 2 Doritos, 2 Oreos, and 4 Cheez-Its. These are different genres of processed snacking; the chip, the cookie, and the cracker. Their iconic forms are absolute and trusted.  Their uniformity act as symbols of purity, cleanliness, and modernity. This box recontextualizes the unnatural habit of eating machine handled food.

    The average serving size for processed snack foods is 150 calories. This blue box houses 154.34 calories. An Oreo is 11.33 grams / 53.33 calories, a Dorito is 2.54 grams / 2.72 calories, and a Cheez-Its cracker is 1.11 grams / 5.55 calories.

    Dimensions: 14 ¾'' x 6 ¾'' x 2½''
    Media:  Beech, Blue No. 1, Blue No. 2, 2 Doritos, 2 Oreos, 4 Cheez-Its
  • Working drawing.
  • Collection of images found online that represent the function of the box.
  • The box is joined with hidden splines and the pockets are made with a handheld router that runs along a plywood laser cut template. Finger tabs were added for easier finger access to snacks. The lid is half an inch tall, with a small lip so it rest inside the box without falling off. The Beech was originally finished with salad bowl finish, but was later sanded and refinished with a coat of blue food dyes.
  • Photography by Connor Parsley