Illustration Concepts Class Fall 2018

  • One Word Assignment
    For our first assignment of the semester, we had to illustrate an intangible word. During critique, students would guess each other's words. Mine was charming.  
  • Four Words 01
    The next week, we had to take four words from one page of the dictionary and illustrate two different scenes. 
    My words were: salinizationsallet, salmon, and saloon
  • Four Words 02​​​​​​​
  • Wondrous Strange 01
    The purpose of our images was to make the viewer ask questions without giving them all the answers. The illustrations had to be more than just absurd situations.
  • Wondrous Strange 02​​​​​​​
  • The Great Escape: Panel 01
    For this assignment, our class had to illustrate "The Great Escape" of two characters with just five panels. In my story, a father and a son try to escape the turmoil of current political events.   
  • The Great Escape: Panel 02
  • The Great Escape: Panel 03
  • The Great Escape: Panel 04
  • The Great Escape: Final Panel
  • Lost in the Illustration Building
    Now, free to use any medium, we had to depict the sense of being lost in a specific location: the RISD Illustration Building. 
  • Déjà Vu
    For this challenging assignment, our class had to illustrate the sensation of déjà vu.
  • Heart and Sole
    Under strict guidelines, we had to convey true love between two characters while keeping the overall composition of the image
    at least 75% shoe. Students who did not fulfill these requirements had their pieces removed from the critique. 
  • Concept Sketch for Literally 01
    This week, we had to illustrate three possible ideas for a literal interpretation of an idiom. The idiom I chose was in a pickle. I tried to think of situations where characters were both literally and mentally in pickles. 
  • Concept Sketch for Literally 02
  • Concept Sketch for Literally 03
  • Literally
    After being critiqued on which idea was our strongest, we had to finalize one sketch. The chosen sketch was altered based on the feedback of the class. This is my final rendition of the idiom in a pickle
  • Detail of Literally 
  • The Sound and the Fury
    For one of our last assignments, the class had to illustrate a sound that they hate in a way that the viewer is empathetic. I illustrated a person with a song stuck in their head. 
  • Revisit of Wondrous Strange 01
    For our final assignment, we had to revisit an old prompt. I chose the one I struggled with the most: wondrous strange. 
  • Revisit of Wondrous Strange 02
  • Thank you!