Hand Made - Shoe Design in Italy

  • Hand Made - Shoe Design in Italy 

    Description: Through travelling and exploring various parts of Italy, students were able experience the rich cultural heritage behind the process of shoemaking and design. Aspects ranging from leather tanning to digital shoe design were explored at various locations. By visiting many industrial design and apparel brands, a connection was made between the two different forms of design. 

    Destinations: Turin, Milan, Florence

    Locations: Bertone, Pininfarina, Kristina Ti, Superga, Giugiaro, Milan Politecnico, Musea Cibici di Bigevano, Torielli, Scuola del Cuoio, Leather Tannery, Gucci Museum, Da Vinci Museum, Ferragamo Museum, Pitti Filatti

    Deliverables: Final Prototype, Process Book, Inspiration Board

    Final design inspired by the stylization of classic wing-tip shoes combined with the comfort of an athletic EVA foam outsole. The form lines on the upper meet the luxury car-inspired lower to become a finalized design.
  • Three- Quarters View
  • Profile
  • Bird's-Eye View
  • Design Evolution
    Final Design Orthographic and Rendering