Pringles Halloween 2018_01

  • For this Halloween, I initiated a proposal for our client, Pringles!

    Being a fun loving brand like them, we wanted to create some really fun and spooky assets for them this Halloween. Pringles is sooooooo good, that the addiction you have for it never ends! You NEVER stop loving Pringles. With that in mind, I led the team in conceptualising and producing this animation.

    The objective of this animation is simple, to draw association of Halloween with Pringles. But the key was how we were going to achieve that through a thumb stopping and engaging execution.

    Its a series of 3 animation, and this is the 1st asset.

    Enjoy the animation! 

    Creative Director - Gregory Poon
    Executive Producer - Leow Yuan Ming
    Motion Designer / Animator - Prashanti Aswani
    Audio - Eric Lee