Helium Chair

  • This lightweight leisure chair is good for indoors or outdoors. It's easy to move around, easy to clean, and easy to relax in.
  • Process
  • 1. "Where will it live?"
  • In the sun, in the shade, and sometimes in the rain. By the pool or by the beach, in the grass or in the sand. With a good book and a cold drink.
  • 2. Form
  • Inspirations were drawn from the intended manufacturing process of open-face molded carbon fiber. I was interested in the expressive and structural limits of a single surface, and this material would also help to keep it weather-proof and very easy to move around.

    A two-piece structure ultimately seemed to offer the best results. The seat back and base are attached in such a way as to rely on shear strength of the adhesion joint for support, and eliminate most lever/pry stress. Both parts are designed with accommodation for draft so that they may be produced with single-part molds.
  • 3. Foam fit model:
  • 4. Early surface sketch to final version
  • 5. Quarter scale print to evaluate flex points, full-scale carbon fiber leg sample, and tooling file:
  • 6. Carbon fiber 1:1 prototype is currently in progress. Check back soon!