• Your Identity is not a reason to hide, its a reason of pride.

    Medium: Oil and acrylic  
  • Medium: Oil and Acrylic paints 
  • Medium: Acrylic, water colour and ink 
  • Medium: Soft pastel and acrylic 
  • Why in the 21st century in India it is still a burden to be a female? According to a recent study "India, despite making strides in development in the past three decades, lags behind on gender equality. It ranks 131 of 188 countries on the U.N. Development Program's Gender Inequality Index. Dowry, female infanticide and women's education are persistent issues despite decades of successive governments' efforts to address them.". This is a  series of artworks I made that reflect the beauty of being a female and the fight they have to fight every day of their life in order to prove themselves and their beauty in India. I have immense respect for women in India and around the world.

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