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  • Colors of Lyari | Karachi Diaries I // 

    Painted with vivid colors, this is Lyari's happy street. The neighborhood of Lyari is one of the oldest and densist localties in Karachi - just the population here is estimated to be nearly 1 million which means it has amazing diversity including colors of culture, sports and traditions! ❣️
  • The Doodhwala | Karachi Diaries I // 

    The word doodhwala literally translates to 'milkman'. In Pakistan, milk is still hand delivered to houses by a doodhwala who's daily task is to visit every house in a neighborhood to deliver fresh milk to his customers. This personal touch allows him to develop strong bonds with the community he caters to. On a lighter note, this guy is usually the most up-to-date on the latest neighborhood gossip and rumors. 😅
  • Jazba // Pakistan are are you ready to vote?

  • Café Culture | Karachi Diaries I // 

    Iranian-style tea shops and cafes have long been a part of Karachi's heritage. Over the years these have served tea to the city's journalists, writers, businnesmen, youth, etc contributing toward the city's intellectual and public life. Many located on MA Jinnah Road, the classic format of these cafes is narrow wooden doors, patterned floor tiles and bent wooden chairs and tables. Sadly however, these are fast disappearing from the urban landscape. 
  • W-11 | Karachi Diaries // 

    W-11 is the name of the bus route in Karachi, where the buses are ornately decorated by the bus owners. While it's not entirely safe for women to board these minibuses, one such bus you can board is the Super Savari Express! This bus may not get you from point A to B. But it is a tour bus that will show you Karachi's most unique sights and eateries. Ain't that a good substitute for your 'City Sightseeing Buses' around the world? 🚌 @supersavariexpress
  • Samundar | Karachi Diaries I // 

    If you are a Karachiite, the word 'Samandar' (sea) will excite you. When I think of Karachi beach I think of massive picnics with family and friends, chilling inside a crumbling brick hut whilst sipping a chilled beverage of choice, often @pakolapk - just enjoying the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. Yep, that's Karachi beach chilling for you in a nutshell.
  • Peshawari Chappal | Karachi Diaries I // 

    This chappal (sandal) is a traditional footwear of Pakistan. It takes it's name from the city of Peshawar, where it originates from, while 'chappal' is the local word for sandals/flip-flops. It is worn casually or formally with the shalwar kameez (traditional dress). It is made with pure leather while the sole is often made from a truck tire tread.The Peshawari Chappal is a wardrobe essential for all Pakistani men. In the recent past, it gained popularity due to British designer Paul Smith's shoe 'Robert' which bore striking resemblance to the Peshawari Chappal and was sold for a whopping $595.
  • Karak Chai | Karachi Diaries I // 

    Pakistan is one of the largest tea-consuming nations in the world - so naturally we take our chai (tea) very seriously! ☕♥️ Whether it joins us on a simple stroll with a loved one or while driving around and catching up with friends, this simple drink is an integral part of the Pakistani culture. 🇵🇰 So if you ever find yourself in Karachi, you must go try a karak (strong) cup of tea from a dhabba (roadside cafe serving local food/drinks) to truly understand our love for this delicious hot drink.