• Khilona is a project I have envisioned since I was a child. Khilona literally translates to "a toy” in Urdu. 

    I imagined the need for this project when I realized many children belonging to low-income backgrounds had no interaction with something as simple as a toy. This was purely due to the fact, that their parents or loved ones could not afford to buy them toys. 

    My project, Khilona is an app for a (make-belief) NGO. This NGO's purpose would be to steer the community towards goodwill, encourage social work and push for a sustainable future by equipping general public with opportunities and tools to contribute to it's societies' children's motor skills development and introducing play to children who have not experienced it.

    Khilona is a toybank which allows it’s users to share toys, volunteer for schools in areas that are in dire need of help and encourage community building. One of the app's primary function would be to allow users to donate old toys to the set up distribution centers by the NGO, who will then be able to share these toys with underprivileged children.