• RISD 2012 Fall Semester 
    Sophomore Metalsmithing class taught by Joost During
  •  Design a "functional" spoon
  • Material: 9mm thick brass flat sheet stock.
    I started off with a  9mm x 9mm x 13mm piece of heavy sheet brass metal.
    The main shape of a spoon is formed by extending, flattening the metal through forging
    The spoon bowl is created by dapping, forming, and plannishing.
  • Forging Process Slideshow:
  • All dinning utensils are just extensions of our fingers and hands.
    Inspired by the idea that a spoon is an extension of our hand… I've designed this spoon that wraps elegantly around the user's wrist. 

    While it may look like a sculptural piece, it can also be used as a functional spoon. You don’t have to worry about your table or your spoon getting dirty because the spoon bowl suspends in mid-air. The curved split handle balances the weight of the spoon and allows it to stands by itself when not in use.