3D Printing: Kinetic Spine Vehicle

  • Final project from Rapid Prototyping class, Winter 2013. 
  • Kinetic Spine Vehicle
    3D-printed ABS, acrylic sheet, nylon washers, rubber bands, leather
  • Ideation sketches and inspiration. My primary goal was to combine the organic and the mechanical, using simple engineering to evoke the natural kinetics of skeletal structure.
  • Initial sketches of vertebrae and rib connection.
  • Initial vertebrae hinges, modeled on SolidWorks and printed in ABS
  • Ribs, also printed in ABS, snap into holes on sides of vertebrae
  • Each module was sanded, filled, and finished with spray paint and laquer
  • Toy used as inspiration for cam shaft mechanism that drives spine undulation
  • Sketches used to develop camshaft mechanism
  • Assembling the cams and wheels. All acrylic parts machined by hand.
  • when pulled, vehicle rolls along ground and spine undulates up and down.