Twin Sister Garment

  • Twin Garment

    This garment was knit on a single bed knitting machine and is a representation of the relationship between my fraternal twin sister and I with use of nostalgic motifs. I find it ironic how our favorite colors are  opposites on the color wheel - just like how our personalities and interests seem to be total opposites, and I use this to depict how she is my other half, however we are different in many ways. As a child, my favorite colors were green and yellow and my favorite animal was a giraffe. Therefore, the left side of the garment represents me - the motifs are inspired by giraffes in a green and yellow palette. My twin sister's favorite animal is an elephant, and her favorite colors growing up were red and purple. The brown stripes going horizontally throughout either side of the garment are meant to bring the contrasting panels together to become one cohesive image.

  • Modeled by my twin sister, Catherine Cardenas