The Monotaskers

  • Randomly assigned with a napkin sketch, we were asked to develop the idea and make it into a real product while keeping the original visual language. So this is what we started with: a napkin drawing of a phone holder with two steady triangular feet -- a typical phone holder that would appear within the first ten searches on Amazon. 

    In the beginning, we kept trying to make it more appealing, more creative and with more functions...but those designs failed to tackle one question - why do we need a phone holder in the first place?

    To multitask.

    But is multitasking necessary? Does it make us more efficient, or does it prevent us from focusing on what we do and simply enjoying the present? Do wee need more products to make our life busier and more complex, or is it time to pull back for a moment?

    How about MONOtask?

    So here they are, a series of discursive objects that question the concept of multitasking -- the Monotaskers.