• W O O D   W O R K
  • H O N E Y   D I P P E R
    Using a single block of cherry wood, I crafted a honey dipper with
    a hexagonal repeat, like that in a beehive. A small bowl serves as a resting place
    for the utensil. Stained and finished with a wax.
  • P R O C E S S 
    Tools used include the Bandsaw, Japanese hand saw,
    and several gouges. All of the sanding was done by hand. 
  • P O R T A B L E   C H I N E S E   C H E C K E R S
    Assignment: To create a box using one single block of balsa wood. I decided to re create my favorite childhood game. The acrylic finish was given a light sanding to create an antique, weathered look. The bandsaw and drill press were the only power tools used. All sanding is done by hand, then given a wax finish.