NASA Rover challenge

  • April 2018,
    Part of the Rhode Island School of Design's RISD ROVER club, we designed a human-powered vehicle for the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge. 
    Materials used are Carbon Fiber, Chromemoly Steel, and 3D Printing.
    Our goals include designing a vehicle that is
          -light weight
          -completed under 6 minutes
          -include products that help the riders complete the tasks
           -Tasks and obstacles: designing a 4 color filter for a camera
           - sanding molds
           - filing the chassis
           - carbon fiber layups
           - helping out other members 
  • Day of the race in Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. 
  • Camera filter sketches and product
  • Half sized wheel prototype
  • Chassis
  • Carbon fiber seat
  • Filing brass brazed joints
  • Rider trials