Memory Interview (Animation)

  • Memory Interview (Animation)
  • This piece was created for my internship with Art Prof over the summer of 2018. The assignment was based round the concept of memory, and depicting an event or story that someone else had experienced. I decided to base it round my mom, who always has a plethora of stories and quirky experiences that she can pull out of her mind's eye.
  • Stills from the daughter's perspective (above)
    The story begins with the narrator smoking on her bed, and speaking to her mother through a webcam. I decided on a different colour scheme for the daughter, as she is fundamentally a different person to her mother, and that difference has to be emphasised. However, to convey the overwhelming impact that the mother has on her daughter, there are faint red lines running throughout the daughter's figure. The red line symbolises the bloodline that runs throughout the family, but also the warmth and tenderness of the mother.
  • Stills from the mother's memory (above)
    To create a transition from my perspective (the girl in black) versus the mother, I decided that there had to be a change in colour as well. Red is my mom's favourite colour, and it certainly suited her. Throughout the years that I've lived with her, she has demonstrated so much passion and love and intensity in all that she did. Red, for me, speaks to those emotions and traits. It is also the colour of my country–China, and it represents 喜庆; happiness and prosperity.

    First image: the initial embrace with her first college boyfriend.
    Second image: the moment of realisation–"we could flip over the fence!"
    Third image: mom reminiscing the past, looking through the window to a group of teenagers walking on the streets.
  • Above: Small experimental sketches created on Procreate. Testing out different techniques, line-weights, and drawing the mother's face to familiarise myself with the bone structure and facial features.

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