Primary | Secondary

  • This project is a study on color representations in literature. The name of my project is called ‘Primary Secondary’ because I chose all primary and secondary colors to research on, in terms of how they are portrayed in literature. Furthermore, the primary is in reference to the term ‘primary source’ which is the literature in this case. The secondary would be the secondary sources, which would unravel in my books.

    Each book has 5 spreads and each spread explores the way one chosen literature symbolically represents the color. All of these are printed using risograph as unlike normal laser printers, risograph printing uses spot coloring, meaning that it does not use the conventional CMYK to produce print. It has its own range of colors unique to its process, colors that conventional printers are unable to replicate. The richness of the ink and it’s texture emphasizes the impact of my work conceptually as the viewer is overwhelmed with the colored ink on the same colored paper.