Project Athena 02: Smart Bar Proposal

  • As a result of our Project Athena's Huawei top features evaluation and analysis, we narrowed down our team's focus into 9 features as follows.
    To guide and support the whole UX design team, our team started with some concept and proposal of atomized intelligent component, which we named it Smart Bar.
    We created multiple prototypes after design and discussion process. And here are some of the examples proposed by myself.
  • To acquire some feedback from real users, we did some User Testing by showing our prototypes on mobile phone. And also let them to compare before and after redesigned features. We do received some valuable feedbacks which helped us to improve our design.
  • To follow the most updated change of Android P system, we also adjusted our design into No-Nav-Bar version. Our Smart Bar even fits better on new Android navigation system on both functional and visual aspects.