Project Athena 01: Huawei Top Feature Evaluation

  • As an overseas team based in San Francisco, our goal is to support the larger UX team at Huawei to explore next generation design, and build a system for the design and evaluation of intelligent user interfaces that are simple to use and improve overtime.
  • We created a framework so designers can determine if, when, and how assistance automation can improve user experience. 

    The decision to employ it comes down to two factors: the cost of being wrong and the probability of being right. 
  • We planted some daily routine apps such as Uber, Gmail, Netflix into our quadrant for instance, to test the possibility of using this system to evaluate intelligent designs.
  • To start with, we went through the Huawei system apps' usage stats, to figure out the most urgent designs we need to move on. We also analyzed the overseas users' review on main medias and e-commerce platforms. Those process helped us to narrow down our focus on Settings, Camera, Contact/ Dialer, Messaging, Phone Manager, Hiboard and Homescreen.
  • The current status of collaboration within design at Huawei is less than ideal. Too many teams working on overlapping ideas without communication.
    That’s why we created this evaluating quadrant at Huawei as design standards and collaborate bridges. And we have a strong desire to succeed.