Please Take Me Back To Where I Was Happy­ Taxi

  • 2016 
    Magazine, acrylic paint, thread, pen, fabric, etc 
     The three works show sceneries of an old, rural town of Korea. I had lived in Korea as a young child, and these- the staircases, light-poles, and rows of houses- were the things I've passed by while visiting my grandmother. They once seemed so insignificant, but as time passed, they now remain as unforgettable memories and a yearning for past, reviving every emotions and senses I felt as a young child at my grandmother's neighborhood. I drew these box- wraps. I believed that box wraps were similar to long-lost memories on how they are both regarded as unimportant and thrown away for the goods inside, or the future that lies ahead. I dirtied the boxes with ketchup, coffee, and dirt to show old age. Wanting to explore color usage and abstract art, I used many paper scraps, colors, and bright paint colors.